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Why the scale shouldn’t be your only indicator of health

I want to introduce you to Lisa. Lisa is a client of mine that is about halfway through my 12 week weight loss program The Nourished Method.

When Lisa came to me she was unhappy in her own skin. She had gained some weight during the pandemic and was at a point where she wasn’t happy with the number on the scale. In her words 'something had to change’.

Lisa lived a very healthy lifestyle. Her diet was full of fruits and vegetables and she worked out 6-7 times a week!

Her goals were to lose the pandemic weight (about 10lbs) and learn how to be more mindful when eating. Her biggest goal/challenge was giving up her container method of eating. Using the container method of eating (basically just calorie counting with colourful containers) was all she knew and it took comfort in them.

After working together for about 8 weeks Lisa has had some major wins when it comes to her overall health. This is what she sent me and titled them her ‘non-scale’ wins. These, in my opinion, are WAY more important than the number on the scale.

→ I have more energy. Didn’t even really know I had low energy, but I feel so much better now and it’s a feeling that lasts all day.

→ I am not worrying as much about what I’m going to eat or waiting anxiously for my next meal.

→ I'm happy with my food choices and now need to work on portions a little more.

→ I don't have any more cravings. And one of the coolest indications of this is when I'm cleaning up a meal or packing the kids lunch, I am not picking off their foods. In fact, one side of my brain says "aren't you going to take a bite" and the other side says "you don't even want that".

→ I'm making progress recognizing my emotional/stress eating tendencies and being able to resist. I went to have a cookie on Monday because I was bored and didn't want to work, but stopped myself by acknowledging how I felt and I put the package away.

→ Water. I always drink a lot of water, but have been monitoring my intake this week. I have a big jug that I fill up to be 84oz.

→ Digestion. Before I started this program, I had a lot of gas. Early on, I skipped ahead to the digestion module and started implementing some of the tips.

These small shifts in mindset and changes in her mental and physical health are what is going to keep Lisa on track. She has now created habits without feeling deprived or hungry. Lisa now has a new relationship with food which is the foundation of health and true long lasting weight loss.

Taking the weight off is an important aspect of health but you have to lay down the foundation first so that when the weight comes off it stays off. The scale doesn’t measure that. The scale doesn’t measure hormone health, and cell health, it doesn’t tell you if your blood sugar is up or down. The scale only provides you with a number. That can’t be the only indicator of our health.

Ready to lay the foundation? It starts with a simple phone call. Click the link below to schedule your call.

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