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Are you drinking enough water?

I'm sure you've heard it over and over, you need to drink more water. But have you ever really understood why?

Water makes up 60% of our body. It is second to oxygen as essential to life. What makes it essential? Because we make very little of it. The body just doesn’t make enough water to meet requirements and on top of that we lose about 2 litres of water a day just from bodily functions alone, such as sweating, breathing and elimination.

Many of us walk around with blotchy skin, bloated abdomens, and foggy brains. We are tired and achy. My client Susan was one of them. She was tired all the time, felt foggy in the head most days and had aches and pains all over. She also dealt with a bloat that made her pants uncomfortable at the end of the day.

After meeting with Susan for 1.5 hrs she left our meeting with one simple task to start implementing immediately. I asked her to increase her water intake. Here is what she had to say after just two weeks.

"I am feeling so MUCH better. I drink tons of water as suggested. I have to say that I don't feel as bloated as before, the water is really helping! I even slept 9 hours last night :) So far this is working, can't wait to continue with the program!!"

This was just the beginning of her wellness journey. We started with small goals, that have a massive impact. So my question to you is...

Are you getting enough water?

If you automatically assume you’re drinking enough water, without being intentional about how much you drink, then you probably aren’t. For Susan, she had to be intentional about how much she was drinking. 2 litres of water is the daily recommendation but for Susan we had to start with something we knew she could incorporate into her life and achieve. For her we set a goal of 1 litre of water a day.

If you are tired, have headaches, digestive issues, muscle aches and pains, trouble sleeping, or dull/dry skin, you probably aren’t getting enough. Water should be the first thing you turn to for health improvement.

Counting coffee (or tea or juice) as a good water replacement, because it’s made with water, is also a huge mistake! Yes, our bodies will extract the water from those things – if you were stranded on a dessert island, those things would keep you alive. But your goal shouldn’t be "stay alive" while surrounded by accessible water. Your goal should be "feel great". The extra burden we put on or bodies, of processing coffee, tea, juice and especially pop, takes away from some of the amazing benefits you could be seeing if you drank plain water instead. PLUS we don't need those extra sugars when we are looking to lose weight!

Creating healthy habits doesn't have to be about counting calories and restricting the 'bad' foods from your life for good. Creating healthy habits starts with one small change, that leads to an even larger impact to our health and well being. That is why I created the Nourished Method. Because who wants to give up wine, chocolate and cheese?

I can tell you Susan hasn't given up and of those things but continues to lose weight and feel the best she's felt in years. I want to help you get there too. I'm scheduling calls now for my weight loss breakthrough call. You can sign up here. Let's start making small changes that provide MASSIVE benefits to your health and weight loss.

With nourished love & inspiration,


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