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The biggest mistake I made when I went gluten, dairy and egg free

My naturopath dropped the BOMB after I received the results from my food sensitivity test.

I was intolerant to eggs and gluten. GUYS, this was HARD news to take in! What was I going to eat? I legit ate eggs EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. And the thought of no more bread, like EVER destroyed me!

After fanning myself off and wiping away the tears I set forth and headed to Whole Foods. I knew I was going to be just fine once I set foot into Whole Foods. There are SO many gluten free options and I’m sure to find products that are made without eggs. This is going to be easy!!

So I replaced all of the things I used to eat with a gluten free version. Gluten free bread, gluten free crackers, gluten free cookies (I don’t even eat cookies but I figured I might need them?!). While I was at it I figured I should go dairy free too (it showed up on my test but wasn’t something to be too concerned about) so I replaced my butter with vegan butter, cheese with daiya. I bought it in every flavour and every format.

I felt armed and ready to take on this challenge of no eggs, dairy or gluten. I got this. Now the weight is really going to melt off. No more inflammation and no more bloating and gas.

A few months went by and all I was left with was a grocery bill I couldn’t afford anymore (these replacement items aren’t cheap!), more weight then I knew what to do with, and an addiction to fake cheese and spongy bread.

Fast forward a couple of years from that moment after I had graduated as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. I gained so much insight and knowledge about the power of whole foods that I had a light bulb moment...the weight isn't budging because I wasn’t eating REAL food. The food I was eating was full of processed crap and SUPER high in sugar, and highly inflammatory oils. Too much sugar in the body = fat storage. And when it comes to inflammatory oils in the body = inflammation.

I had some work to do.

So I got rid of the fake cheese and the GF bread and didn’t replace it. I dropped these fake foods and finally got over my desire for bread and eggs. I found whole foods to replace the fake foods, I replaced my daiya cheese with grassfed organic and the weight started to come off. The bloat was gone. I no longer had gas after a meal and I had energizer bunny energy (that’s a lot of energy ;)

If you are struggling with food intolerances and want some clarity on how to navigate what the hell to eat now click the link here and book a call.

I look forward to our chat.

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